September | 2021

September 2021 New Fall Releases

▶69ParkAveGQ – Complete Hoodie Outfits – in Fitmesh

Features a Hoodie over shirt with above ankle cargo pants and flat bottom suede shoes. FitMesh for:
Belleza Jake, Slink Male, Signature Gianni, Ocacin Gamit, Onpup and Classic Avatar

The Dragonfly depicted is a specially priced outfit exclusive to SWANK Events this month & only and may be found at:

FITMESH RIG:(Change its shape using Second Life shape sliders)
CLASSIC RIG: Pre-shaped (change body shape to fit into it)

Copy | No modify | No Transfer .

DEMO available.
***This DEMO is the outfit in different texture for you to see it’s fit and style.***

***Customer Service is very important to us.

If you have any issues, contact the seller first. Give them the opportunity to help you before you post a negative review about the product. And if the issue is resolved, remember to update your review!
(From Linden lab knowledge base)

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